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Mar 30, 2000 02:33 PM

Rover's not for this Chowhound

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Having eaten at both Rover's and Lampreia, I have to say that the latter wins, hands down. Rover's may have a nicer location, but the food was not as good as at Lampreia, and it was nearly twice the price!

I've heard people go on and on about Rover's, and while it was very good, it was not worth the ENORMOUS premium. On the night I was there, I ordered the eight-course tasting menu. The entree dish, venison, was merely a nice piece of meat, and the earlier foie gras course was just some nice foie gras. That was my impression of the whole experience, actually. Rover's presents very high-quality food, but for the most part, I thought that what they did with it was either not very creative or not very successful.

So all you Seattle Chowhounds out there, how about sharing your favorite restaurants that DON'T require you to shell out a couple hundred dollars a person?

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    Cris Lafferty


    Here are two of Seattle's best to rival Rover's:

    Nell's at Greenlake. (Formerly Saleh Al Lago).
    Terrific, terrific, terrific.

    I was recently in Paris, dined at 3 star Michelin restaurants that were only "just as good" as Nells.

    Also, Kasper's is consistently good with innovative food and service you can count on.

    Enjoy! Cris

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    1. re: Cris Lafferty


      (1) What don't you like about the food at Rover's (other than its high cost)?

      (2) I'm interested in your rave report on Nell's, but sorry to hear that Saleh al Lago is no more. Do you know what happened to the chef there, Saleh Joudah? I thought he was very talented and produced some of the best Italian food in town.

      (3) As you probably know from my previous posts on this board, I agree totally with your enthusiastic endorsement of Wild Ginger, another of my favorite restaurants in Seattle.

      1. re: Tom Armitage

        The last time I ate at Rovers was in 1997 and it was great. I should also say that I'm friends with Thierry Rautureau, and let him take care of the menu and the wines.

        However, on 2 occasions last year, friends I sent there came away rather disappointed.

        1. re: Gary Cheong

          Gary, what do you think is responsible for the numerous reports of disappointing meals coming out of Thierry's kitchen? Burn out, maybe? I also know Thierry, and cooked with him on a couple of occasions many years ago for private dinners that had been auctioned off as fund raisers. So I know, first hand, that he's a talented chef. Accordingly, the reports of disappointing meals are puzzling. Any ideas?

          1. re: Tom Armitage

            Unfortunately, I have not been back to Seattle since '97, so I can't really say or guess why this has been so. I, too, agree that he is a very talented chef and am just as puzzled.