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Apr 4, 2004 07:36 PM

octagon steakhouse

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Has anyone eaten at The Octagon Steakhouse? Thanks

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  1. I have eaten there many times and have always had a good meal. Cheap it is not, but for a good steak, veal, etc. north of Steels there is where I would go.

    Their garlic mashed potatoes are great. Get their Ceasar Salad for two as they make the dressing right in front of you, and I have always been partial to their pepercorn steak, however I know my mother loves their ribs!


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      The "goon" is OK, but expensive; my personal favourite, a few blocks north is Terra. Also pricey,
      and service can be indifferent at times, but the food
      is great, and the atmosphere glows. If I had to drop
      $120 on dinner, Terra would be my choice over the

    2. I also have eaten there many times but usually stick with the same dish - seafood platter for two. It's an enormous amount of food - lobster, shrimp, scallops, king crab legs. Caesar salad and chateaubriand seem to be the more popular dishes.

      As the previous poster said, it is not cheap. Definitely skip the desserts. If you want an after dinner treat the specialty coffees/drinks are lovely.

      1. I was disappointed recently with the steak I had there, but my friends who had the seafood platter were impressed with their choice.