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Apr 4, 2004 09:30 AM

wine steward

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We are looking for a knowledgeable wine steward/Sommelier to conduct wine tastings/tutorials as part of our firm's employee/client appreciation program. As a part time gig for him/her, whom should we approach? Which restaurant/hotel has a good wine steward aboard? Any suggestions?

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  1. Wine writer, Tony Aspler does these gigs and is quite good and is certainly knowledgeable. The folks at Vintages are really great (Queen's Quay Paul Larose, Summerhill Stewart Bailey, and Bayview Village Lynn Pataran) because they have been trained to do this stuff and they spend most of their days putting price tags on bottles. I've relied on them extensively for big dinners and am always surprised by their insight. They also know what is on the current LCBO list and are the first to know the good values!