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Apr 3, 2004 04:17 PM

Anyone tried Dante's Pizza (Thornhill)

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I keep reading raves in newspapers - is it that good? Some have complained about higher prices post May 2003 renovations. What are prices like? Hopefully, its not as expensive as Camarra's.

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  1. Super deluxe party size (serves 8)-$40.80
    Mini super deluxe(serves 2)- $17.40
    I think Dante's pizza and pastas are excellent. My favorite is the Italian Fiesta- veal,meatballs,sausage,mushrooms,peppers,cheese and sauce-$18. Maybe a little more expensive but good quality and great tasting .

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      Dante's pizza and pastas are amazing!
      The only problem is Dante doesn't believe in "the customers". If you have a problem, he will not correct it the way he should. He would rather never serve or delivery to you again if he feels he is right. For this reason, our two-three time a week orders have stopped and we found a new place to eat regularly.
      Dante, if you read this, you lost tons of business from many that dont like the way you deal with customers and you know what Im saying here! Great food but your business skills are poor and not worth my paychecks going in your pocket!

      1. re: PastaGuy
        The village Elder

        I used to live in the apartment above Dante's. The smell had me drooling most of the day. I started eating his Pizza back when he first opened. I've sat and waited for a pizza in the pick-up area and watched them ring in over a $1000. worth of take-out in 15 minutes. That place is a freakin' gold mine. On weekends they have 30 drivers going non stop in the peak hours.

        Best Pizza I've ever had.

        1. re: PastaGuy

          Did you ever try Pizzaville (2300 John Street (John @ Leslie) (416) 736-3636)? We love their thin crust pizza and there is a good selection of toppings.

          1. re: lamaranthe

            I must say that Pizzaville has gotten much much better over the years. When I was younger it was ok, but fairly middle of the road, not memorable. Now their pizza is among the best in chain pizza, easy.

            1. re: magic

              It's my favourite chain pizza. The only one I will order if I'm in charge of ordering and there are no good local places nearby.

      2. Yes, great pizza.

        Try prosciutto as a topping!

        1. I used to live in the immediate area and the food was good, certainly better than the chains. I may be wrong, because I no longer eat tomato sauce based pizza, but I think some of its reputation was developed many years ago when there was less selection locally. I got a flyer in the mail (last week?) advertising lower prices.

          1. I highly recommend it. It's actually my FAVORITE place in all of GTA for pizza! I tend to drive my wife crazy with the frequency of my suggesting we go there! (and we don't live nearby, and my wife is on a low-carb plan)
            It is not gourmet, and the pizza is not like the gourmet brick-oven variety that you can get at so many places. To me, Dante's pizza is pizza the way it used to be, at good mom and pop places, before the chains like Pizza Pizza started competing and forcing quality ever downward.
            It's hard to describe exactly why I think it's so great - I guess it's a combination of a good, thick, tasty crust, lots of good cheeese, good homemade tomato sauce, and huge amounts of fresh ingredients. They pile it on so thick, that for a lot of people, one slice is all they can finish! (so keep the cost in context - even a small pizza can feed 2 or 3)

            Also, the portions for entrees (like the "Italian fiesta", lasagne, etc) are so huge, they are easily a meal for 2 - In fact, the starter salad that comes with most entrees is actually a huge bowl that looks like it is meant for a family.
            Note that Dante's delivers all over the GTA, free within a certain radius.

            1. Yes! It's reallty good, though it has not much to do with the "real" Italian-Napolitan style. We order out from them when in a rush but looking for something tasty. Our fav : the all-dressed pizza and the plain lasagna (which is not plain at all). The pepperoni on the pizza tends to be a bit over-cooked but if you ask them to pay attention, I am sure they will.
              Expensive, compared to Mamma Mia and other places.