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Anyone tried Dante's Pizza (Thornhill)

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I keep reading raves in newspapers - is it that good? Some have complained about higher prices post May 2003 renovations. What are prices like? Hopefully, its not as expensive as Camarra's.

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  1. Super deluxe party size (serves 8)-$40.80
    Mini super deluxe(serves 2)- $17.40
    I think Dante's pizza and pastas are excellent. My favorite is the Italian Fiesta- veal,meatballs,sausage,mushrooms,peppers,cheese and sauce-$18. Maybe a little more expensive but good quality and great tasting .

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      Dante's pizza and pastas are amazing!
      The only problem is Dante doesn't believe in "the customers". If you have a problem, he will not correct it the way he should. He would rather never serve or delivery to you again if he feels he is right. For this reason, our two-three time a week orders have stopped and we found a new place to eat regularly.
      Dante, if you read this, you lost tons of business from many that dont like the way you deal with customers and you know what Im saying here! Great food but your business skills are poor and not worth my paychecks going in your pocket!

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        The village Elder

        I used to live in the apartment above Dante's. The smell had me drooling most of the day. I started eating his Pizza back when he first opened. I've sat and waited for a pizza in the pick-up area and watched them ring in over a $1000. worth of take-out in 15 minutes. That place is a freakin' gold mine. On weekends they have 30 drivers going non stop in the peak hours.

        Best Pizza I've ever had.

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          Did you ever try Pizzaville (2300 John Street (John @ Leslie) (416) 736-3636)? We love their thin crust pizza and there is a good selection of toppings.

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            I must say that Pizzaville has gotten much much better over the years. When I was younger it was ok, but fairly middle of the road, not memorable. Now their pizza is among the best in chain pizza, easy.

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              It's my favourite chain pizza. The only one I will order if I'm in charge of ordering and there are no good local places nearby.

      2. Yes, great pizza.

        Try prosciutto as a topping!

        1. I used to live in the immediate area and the food was good, certainly better than the chains. I may be wrong, because I no longer eat tomato sauce based pizza, but I think some of its reputation was developed many years ago when there was less selection locally. I got a flyer in the mail (last week?) advertising lower prices.

          1. I highly recommend it. It's actually my FAVORITE place in all of GTA for pizza! I tend to drive my wife crazy with the frequency of my suggesting we go there! (and we don't live nearby, and my wife is on a low-carb plan)
            It is not gourmet, and the pizza is not like the gourmet brick-oven variety that you can get at so many places. To me, Dante's pizza is pizza the way it used to be, at good mom and pop places, before the chains like Pizza Pizza started competing and forcing quality ever downward.
            It's hard to describe exactly why I think it's so great - I guess it's a combination of a good, thick, tasty crust, lots of good cheeese, good homemade tomato sauce, and huge amounts of fresh ingredients. They pile it on so thick, that for a lot of people, one slice is all they can finish! (so keep the cost in context - even a small pizza can feed 2 or 3)

            Also, the portions for entrees (like the "Italian fiesta", lasagne, etc) are so huge, they are easily a meal for 2 - In fact, the starter salad that comes with most entrees is actually a huge bowl that looks like it is meant for a family.
            Note that Dante's delivers all over the GTA, free within a certain radius.

            1. Yes! It's reallty good, though it has not much to do with the "real" Italian-Napolitan style. We order out from them when in a rush but looking for something tasty. Our fav : the all-dressed pizza and the plain lasagna (which is not plain at all). The pepperoni on the pizza tends to be a bit over-cooked but if you ask them to pay attention, I am sure they will.
              Expensive, compared to Mamma Mia and other places.

              1. It's very good, but it is slightly pricey...for that price I prefer Il Fornello (same wood oven baked pizza) - you get better ambience, decor and everything!

                Link: http://www.joseibi.com

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                  Another Price Increase!!?? C'mon Dante, get serious! This is take-out food you're peddling, not haute cuisine!

                  Obviously you've been eyeing the ridiculous price that Toronto yuppies are willing to drop on a plate of pasta with greed in your eyes, but if you wanna get over-the-top-dollar for some pasta, at least have the courtesy to open a chic trattoria like the others do.

                  I've never been wild about Dante's wet, sloppy, heavy pizza, but I've always loved their pasta dishes, delivered to my door in North York.
                  I've suffered through price increase after price increase, cancellation of coupons before their expiry date, and shrinking portions of lasagna and veal, but this time it's just too much! I'm done!

                  The Linguine with a few strips of Veal and tomato sauce that I loved has steadily marched it's way up via numerous price increases to $15.99 over the past couple of years, but it's a large portion, so what the heck.

                  However, when I tried to order it tonight, I discover that there's a new menu and it now costs $13.99 for plain linguine with Tomato sauce, plus $7.99 to add the veal "topping".
                  That's from $15.99 to $21.98 folks! ... a 37% increase!
                  Let me note here that this is for simple supermarket dried pasta, with a simple tomato sauce and a few strips of breaded veal.

                  PLUS, two weeks ago they implemented a new $5 delivery charge to my area (formerly free!!).

                  Oh well, I'll not be supporting this new menu and the ridiculous price increases, and I emcourage others to make their views known as well.

                  Sadly, I suspect most will just suck it up and take it, and Dante will be laughing all the way to the bank.

                  1. re: TorontoTips

                    For years I have enjoyed Dante's pizza, sandwiches and pasta. I have to say that their pizza is far superior to anything else I have ever tasted in the city. However, their prices are getting ridiculous!!! They now charge at least $5 for delivery and raised the prices significantly for all their products. My main beef is with the markup on their Brio pop, 2.75 a can, cmon Dante!!!! I just go to the local Pizza Nova and pay half the price.

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                      I never understood the love affair so many people have with Dante’s. Aside from being the most overpriced rip-off in Toronto, I just always found their pizza plumb boring. Very little taste to it, nothing memorable about it whatsoever. I especially like their unseasoned grey ‘steak’ topping. Cardboard has more flavour and texture. What a joke. Can’t understand why people shell out the money for it that they do.

                  2. Actually, I'm not a fan of their pizza, and I make better spaghetti. But their sandwiches - especially the veal and the meatball - are fantastic. Expensive, yes, but I can't even finish one, so it's really two meals, which for $10.99 isn't unreasonable. And the Italian Fiesta easily serves two or three. I also like the Provolone and Prosciutto salad.

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                      I went there in the summer after they instituted the new updated menu. Previously, it was one of my favorite places in the city! But I don't think I'll be going back. Not only is it a lot more expensive, but I had a pizza (their raison d'etre) and it wasn't very good - the last straw for me was very skimpy cheese - their pizza was never gourmet, but it had LOTS of tasty topping. Now it seems mediocre AND expensive.

                      1. re: FresserGuy

                        We went for pizza once, about 5-6 years ago, and were thoroughly underwhelmed. Never ordered their pizza again. It may have been their raison d'etre at some point, but it's never been for us.

                        As I said, we stick to the sandwiches (we order three for two kids and three adults) or the Fiesta, and occasionally a pasta, which is more for the kids than anything else. The salads are good; my daughters really like the Ceasar (plain, no shrimp/chicken/etc. on top), while I like the big Italian salad. There is always food left over for the next day. If you order as I've suggested, I think you'll be happy for dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow!

                    2. I am in the love Dante's pizza camp. I used to keep my friend company driving around when he worked as a driver for Dante's in university.

                      Checked the website and there is a new location opening.
                      8707 DUFFERIN ST. IN VAUGHAN (OPENING SOON)

                      1. In the day, I was a fan of their pizza and not so much of their pasta (sauce had too much oil in it). I saw their new flyer where they try to justify their high prices by saying their portion size/weight of pizza represents phenomenal value. Due to nostalgia, I think I will head out there this weekend and see how much it's changed.

                        1. I never understood what the big deal was with Dante's. Someone took me there a few years ago, touting it as *the best pizza place* but it absolutely was not. It wasn't horrendous but I've had much, MUCH better. Everything was fresh but it had that taste of the pizza one makes at home, if anyone understands what I mean by that.
                          They definitely do well in terms of business--they had at least six delivery cars crammed in the parking lot at any given time, and others would pull up while one would drive away with an order, so there's really no telling how many drivers they actually have!
                          I did find the service to be cold but we were so hungry, we probably would have endured abuse if it meant eating something divine, but again, it was just mediocre. I can't speak for the pasta as we had two huge pizzas and a salad. Plenty of toppings but again, nothing extraordinary.
                          As far as Camarra's goes, I think Pizza Pizza would be better than theirs! I have even less of a clue as to why everyone raves about Camarra's than I do re: Dante's. This (Camarra's) is DEFINITELY a place where the prices are over-inflated, the food is nothing special whatsoever AND the service is terrible (I got the feeling it was because I was not Italian, as they were fine with all the other diners there)! Why do people go to Camarra's?? I don't get it!