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Apr 3, 2004 01:07 PM

best wine list in Toronto

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Any suggestions?

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  1. Barberian’s
    Markups diminish as the fab inventory of Californian, French and other bottlings hits the peaks—because you deserve the best possible red.

    It’s the home of both traditional and new, high-tech Portuguese bottlings, from vibrant dry table wines to superb ports and 19th-century madeiras.

    Get with the program: monthly offerings from a featured region unearth treasures by the glass. Unusual, medium-priced finds thrill the aficionado.

    Il Mulino
    Italian stars dazzle the most devoted fan; affordable bottles let sommelier Zoltan Szabo play matchmaker. Winemaker’s dinners add to the fun.

    Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar
    Sit at the bar and talk wine with the staff. Strengths are in mature French and German bottlings, unusual varietals, well-sourced bargains. Food matching is a house theme.

    The legend is true: all wines are marked up a mere $5 on the LCBO price. Choose from a respectable array of Italians, arranged by region, with bottles deftly served.

    North 44°
    Delve into vertical comparisons of Californian cult wines, backed up by Super Tuscans, French grands crus and Niagara’s finest. Bargain buys are flagged separately. Exceptional after-dinner treats.

    One of Canada’s half-dozen greatest lists shows enormous breadth and depth in Bordeaux, Burgundy and Italian reds. The hosts know what’s drinking superbly now and what dish to pair it with.

    Via Allegro
    The growing list now tops 4,500 bottles. A team of sommeliers educate on country, region and year, from an 1871 Lafite to a list of 50 excellent wines under $50. Masses to taste by the glass.


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      Chin the full

      (not a wine guy but...) went to Via Allegro last night (review coming soon) and they had a wine priced at $11,000.00!!!

      1. re: Chin the full

        That's nothin! They've got a magnum Mouton '45 for $23,730.00 I believe.


        1. re: Pixelchef

          for real? damn yo! I guess i was just blown away that i decided not to dig deeper. laugh...

    2. Not a big wine drinker myself, but you might consult Toronto Life's list of note-worthy wine lists from their Restaruant Guide. See the attached link, or visit



      1. Try Friscos they have over 100 wines under $50. Good selection and the wine director is usually on hand to offer advice.
        Its in the John/Richmond area

        1. Try Le Select Bistro. A diverse wine list that has depth. Quite a few under valued jems if you know what to look for.