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Apr 2, 2004 07:06 PM

Ice Cream

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The best I've had is at St Clair ice cream at Danforth and ? close to Victoria Park. Huge servings at a good $. Any other favs for ice-cream?

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  1. Dutch Dreams near St Clair and Bathurst. A colourful parfait of kitsch and whimsy. And that's just the outside!

    1. Ed's Real Scoop in the Beaches - all hand made!! And now he is also making hand made waffle cones (that can be dipped in chocolate if you wish!)

      In my mind, the best ice cream I have ever had!

      1. For Gelato I like La Paloma the best although Holywood is pretty good too. Addresses for both and more are on the link below.

        For Ice cream I really like Greg's sweet cream. It's sooo creamy. I think that it was made for either Smarties or Reese's peanut butter cups, but I can't decide which. You can find Greg's ice cream in a few locations but their home on Bloor between Bedford and Avenue Roads is the best place for it. I also agree that Dutch dreams is good place to go.


        1. I've had Ed's real scoop, dutch dreams and greg's, and I have to say that I prefer greg's, mainly because of their sensational malted ice creams - they have several variations with odd names. It's not one of their regulars, so you have to be lucky catching it.

          1. Whenever I go for ice cream it's with kids in tow and they prefer Dutch Dreams over Greg's. We all like the fruit, portion size, good selection and the atmosphere/decor makes a simple ice cream cone a bit of an event. We don't even mind the line-ups and have even able to get parked fairly close by. Another kid favourite, because there's one close by, is Reid's Dairy Outlet. Prices are incredibly cheap; loonie and twoonie shakes, sundaes for a twoonie?, cones for a loonie(hard and soft), blizzard-y type concoctions, also now using fruit too. Take-out only. The kids love the giant moo-ing cow and the train that runs around the ceiling. We've purchased their ice cream cakes for only $9.99 and thought they were just as good as what the other chains produce. They also sell other dairy products. Located mostly in suburbia I think...Scarborough, Unionville, Richmond Hill, Aurora, Newmarket, etc. And for summer cottage travellers, there's the Kawartha Dairy outlets in Uxbridge and Minden. Great selection of flavours and huge portions, but sadly, no sugar cones, only waffle and regular cones!