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Jan 19, 2000 06:37 PM

miso in pdx

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I am a miso soup addict. This is a love that I discovered only a few months ago, and now I have it for lunch almost every day. I wish I could afford to follow it with sushi every day as well. I currently attain it from Koji (SW 6th & Broadway location), which I find delicious and satisfying. I am curious if anyone has favorite spots around town for great miso. I also get to Seattle frequently and welcome any Sea-town miso/sushi spots.

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  1. ok, so it would be a trek for you....but the best Miso soup in North America can be found at Kitto in Vancouver B.C. I like the one at Granville and Robson. It's cheap, it is amaxing and followed by the prawn tempura it is a perfect lunch. It is worth thr drive anyday.