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Apr 2, 2004 05:26 PM

French, Foie Gras, Fabulous?

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I am soon to turn #&$# on May 14 and I need to find a restaurant that will make me forget I am turning %&#&!!

I've been to Scaramouche, Auberge, Avalon... All good - I am a freak for foie gras so best if that is a staple... Any thoughts?

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  1. YYZ's foie gras rocks!

    1. Perigee does some phenomenal foie preps. For example:

      Lobster wellington: Maine lobster with tarragon, chopped black trumpet mushrooms and foie gras mousse wrapped in buttermilk crepe and roasted. Sublime. Chef Riley also does a preparation where he melts the foie and spoons it over quince pudding. Yummy.

      The foie terrine at Bymark is outstanding.

      I've also been told that Sen5es has some great foie dishes kicking around.


      1. Opus has great Foie Gras. Have a Happy Birthday!!!

        1. I just went to Senses on Saturday night and had the beef tenderloin with a mizzo and stilton tart drizzled with fois gras sauce. It was incredible. I highly recommend it. The dessert was also amazing. Happy Birthday!