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Apr 2, 2004 03:21 PM


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These are a few of my favorite things around the city - what're yours???
Butter chicken roti and saag paneer at Gandhi, Vindaloo at Red Rose Bathurst), Chilli Chicken + House shrimp at Lin Garden (near vic park n sheppard), Smoothies at Jugo, Nature burgers at licks, Green Curry chicken and lichee tofu at Urban Thai, Chicken and cheese tortellini and ceaser salad at Leoni's, Ice Cream at dutch dreams, goat curry at alberts, mex bruchetta and quesidillas at Margeritas (carlton), Papa Ceo's
HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, whatta you all like???

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  1. Burger: Apache Burger
    Pho: Pho Hung
    Fish & Chips: Chippy's
    Gelato: La Paloma
    Fries: Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar


    1. All good choices there!

      smoked meat poutine at mels, omelettes at creme de la creme, red curry duck at Lindas, lamb satay burrito at NY subway, oxtail at Caribbean Cook, Zakopane Deli polish food (breaded swordfish, potato pankake, crepe, cabbage side, donut for under 7 bucks!), Unagi pizza at Sushi Inn, any decent churrasco chicken, fish at Chiado thats about it for now.

      1. Dim Sum: Ambassador
        Burger: Johnny's
        Pad Thai: Thailand Restaurant
        Japanese buns/snacks: J-Town
        Dessert: Sen5es

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          Hey! Keep quiet about the Ambassador; it's Richmond Hill's secret.

          And let's face it - Johnny's burgers are crap, but they are the best crap I ever ate. I used to work at a gas station across the street, so I must have had over 1,000 meals there. I remember, after graduating from university and moving to Ottawa, coming back to Johnny's after five years. John took one look at me, and said "Hey Texaco - cheeseburger?"

          I know many will disagree, but I still love the Pad Thai from Thai Shan on Eglinton. That and their green mango salad have made many a dinner for us.


          1. re: Goober

            Chinese-Indian/Hakka: Kim Ling (Birchmount/Lawrence)
            Backbacon sandwich: Carousel Bakery (St. Lawrence Market)
            Veal sandwich: California Sandwiches (Dundas/Claremont)

            .still looking...

            Upscale (like Le Cirque in Las Vegas): ?????

          2. Favourites:

            1)Love the House Shrimp and Chili Chicken at Lin Garden. ( I thought that place was a secret)
            2)Greg's ice cream - various flavours
            3)Mango Salad, Chicken with Cashews and Pad Thai @ Salas King
            4)Escargot @ Elixir
            5)All the food at Bombay Bhel
            6)Veda's Special - Mildred Pierce (brunch)
            7)Waffles with poached fruit - Auntie and Uncle's
            8)Butternut Taglitelle (sp) in Brown Butter - Gypsy Co-op
            9)Jolly Rancher and Ahmir's Cranberry Martini @ Babylon
            10 Kababs and Kulfi @ Lahore Tikka House

            The list can go on, but I'll stop now :)

            1. Some of my favourite under-$10 things (that I can remember off the top of my head - give me a break, it's late at night):

              Butter chicken roti - Gandhi
              Panang chicken - Salad King
              Miso ramen - Otabe
              Mee goreng - Jean's
              Stewed beef dinner - Albert's (Vaughn-St. Clair location)
              Curried beef buns - Yung Sing
              Roasted red pepper and mixed cold cuts in focaccia - Carousel Bakery
              Veal sandwich - Mustacio's