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Apr 2, 2004 09:38 AM

sotto sotto and truffles - recommended?/ also chinese

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please comment on these two options for dinner...sotto web site looks fabulous...also, thanks for the nice response to an earlier email...we are also looking for a chinese restaurant...if we go to chinatown what is the parking situation? would we be better off to take a cab from avenue road and bloor or drive ourselves?...thanks...dee dee

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  1. Sotto Sotto is superb, and its has wonderful ambience -truly one of the best places in Canada, in my opinion. The grilled seafood platter is what I usually order.
    Truffles is great too, but in a very different way - it is, after all, a hotel restaurant. When I dined there, I had their tasting menu, and enjoyed it.
    For authentic Chinese in the downtown Chinatown, you can't do better than Xam Yu for Chinese seafood, and Chinese food in general. It's at the northeast corner of Baldwin and Spadina, just south of college st. Order from the wall menus, not from the menu they give you at your table. Lucky Seven, across the street, is also rather good. Enjoy! And please do come back and tell us how you liked these places.

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      If you go to Xam Yu order the scallops in shell (comes with roe ) which is a treat.
      We like it in a light black bean sauce, but they will make it anyway you like.
      It is not on the menu.
      Don't be put off by the ambience (lack of)
      The seafood is excellent.

    2. Parking in Chinatown is a pain, don't drive there if you can avoid it.

      Also, Chinatown is fun, but if you're just looking for a good Chinese restaurant and you are at Avenue and Bloor, Dynasty in the Colonnade building is a great choice.

      1. Both Sotto Sotto and Truffles have had chef changes since last summer - so be sure any recommendations are recent.
        Haven't been to Sotto Sotto since then, but have visited Truffles twice. The service at Truffles is unsurpassed - in fact, of a different order of magnitude compared to any other Toronto restaurant. The food is very good, but a little unadventurous. Their tasting menu is probably the best bet - especially if you want wine, as they'll serve a different glass with each course (at very fair prices).

        And DEFINITELY don't drive to Chinatown. I'd recommend walking if it's a warm night - 20-30 minutes depending on how interesting you find the route. And lots of recommendations on this board at all price levels.