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Apr 2, 2004 06:37 AM

Best Martini in Toronto?

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It can be tough to find a good martini in this town.
So far the best I have found is Bymark ($12 ouch - but worth it).
Who serves the best Martinis in Toronto?

(While not "chow" exactly...I hope this isn't too OT - they do have calories)

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    Peppermint Pate

    Hmm, a martini question before breakfast - should we be concerned? I had a particularly excellent (and yes, pricey) Grey Goose martini on the rooftop bar of the Park Hyatt hotel last summer. Highly recommended.

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      I have to recommend two other locations: "Eat My Martini", on College St. and "La-Brassarie" in Yorkville...SUPERB!!...The food is excellent as well..Enjoy!!

    2. Have always been happy with the large selection of martinis and other mixed drinks at Cobalt (College, just east of Bathurst)

      1. Friends were pleased with the martinis at the bar in the Royal York. They were $10 and were served in a beaker. The martini menu was vast.

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          I'm with you on this one - forget the snacks - they're not good. But the martinis are excellent!

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            As a frequent visitor to Toronto from the Detroit area, we really like the martinis at Barbarian's Steak House. They are big and good!

            We always have a little joke about martinis when we go to Toronto. At some places they are so small we have to order a double and call them Toronto martinis, but not at Barbarian's. We are very partial to this restuurant and we also have a great steak there when we go. D.

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              Laide @ Adelaide & Jarvis try their three layer martini.. it is a site to behold.. or ask the lady behind the bar to surprise you you will not leave disapointed...

              Link: http://laide.ca

              Image: http://laide.ca/images/martini.jpg

            2. Babylon has THE BEST martini's. Nice vibe... I think they only serve martini's and maybe a few munchies.

              1. i've been all over the city and i've tried tons of martini joints (upwards of 20 different places). as far as i'm concerned, Alleycatz (at Yonge & Eglinton) has, by far, the best martinis in the city - $11 each but well worth it.

                next would be Eau (King W). insanely expensive, but very good.