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Apr 1, 2004 08:33 PM

where to buy blood oranges?

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being the dumbass i am i told someone at work i'd bring in some blood oranges for her on monday (she's never heard of such a thing before)

anyways.....last week they were everywhere.....even food basics

i'd like to buy a few by monday....anyone know where i can buy some in the gta? (of good quality)

i'm willing to drive ANYWHERE ;) thanks :)

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    Peppermint Pate

    I saw some at a couple of the produce stores in Kensington Market a few days ago. You could also try Harvest Wagon as they have an amazing selection.

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    1. re: Peppermint Pate

      I have also seen them at Whole Foods, Sun Valley on the Danforth and at some Loblaws (including the one on Broadview at Danforth)

      1. re: Piper

        I'll try those places. Blood oranges, to be real good and tasty, must have a tight skin and be firm under the touch. This is rarely the case at No Frills or even Dominion.

    2. Longo's at York Mills and Leslie