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Asian in SW Portland

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  • sydney Dec 27, 1999 01:00 PM
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I just moved from the East Side to Raleigh Hills (for a shorter commute), and I'm just beginning to explore the food prospects on this side of town. I've seen a bunch of Asian, particularly Korean, restaurants on 10 going towards 217. Any good? What other Asian within a 10 minute drive of Raleigh Hills? I pray for something to rival Lemongrass.


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  1. Welcome to the Westside! We ate at Thai Roses on Dec 24. The food was great. Have you checked out Uwajimaya's yet. Good Asian supermarket with a restaurant. They've changed the restaurant so I can't give an opinion yet. What else? Near our house in Hillsdale is Norm's on Barbur Blvd.(near the Fred Meyer's). Excellent lunch buffet. Dinners are good too.

    Happy eating.