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Mar 30, 2004 12:22 PM

Time for Toronto

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Hey All,

I just got the time for toronto package.

We are staying at the king eddie and seeing the producers.

For the meal, from what i Have seen, there really are only two within decent walking distance to the hotel/show.

Courthouse and Rosewatter.

Problem with Rosewatter is it is a veal or fish, I have no idea about the courthouse.

Has anyone have any experiecens with these, or even some of the others within decent walking distance, etc


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  1. Do a search on the Toronto board for courthouse (control f) There are some reviews, one Feb 24/04 and one in Sept/03.

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      Denis Pelletier

      No, no, no! Neither of those, PLEASE. Not when you are around the corner from Starfish, at 100 Adelaide East. Superb oysters, fresh and inventive fish-oriented cuisine, a civilized, adult but informal atmosphere, and an impeccably chosen wine list (bonus:a flat and very reasonable markup on ALL wines): what more (besides many meat dishes) could one want?. Chosen as one of Toronto's top 10 rest. in it's very first year. Note : now offering Galway Bay oysters from Ireland. Heaven in a shell!!OK, OK, I admit: my favourite restaurant in the city.


      1. Am I interpreting correctly that you have a restaurant 'voucher' or similar? Us locals are not familiar with the package. But we avoid both Rosewater and Courthouse!
        Best choice for me would be Linda's (or Salad King) just east of Yonge on Gould (1 block north of Dundas) - about 5 mins walk from theatre. Upstairs (Linda's) is more formal (reservations necessary) ($50 for two plus wine). Downstairs is shared tables ($25 for two). Best Thai food in Toronto.

        1. h

          Rosewater & Courthouse get good reviews, so the food is good, but too traditional and safe food - very stuffy, boring - think old boys' club type of place.

          There are lots of stuff within walking distance of the theatre! Quickly looking at the list of restaurants included, I would rather go to the following places than Rosewater (but that's just me):
          - Le Saint Tropez is a cute little place - I think better food, better atmostphere
          - Filet of Sole
          - Fred's not Here
          - Kit Kat

          1. oro on elm st is another option. a little bit further away but very walkable