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Mar 29, 2004 08:13 PM

Great Indian downtown

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Need a good Indian restaurant downtown. Considering Nataraj and Sheri Punjab. Any other suggestions? Would be best to be within walking distance of a subway stop.

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    Frances in Toronto

    "The Host" on Prince Arthur Ave. is good! I like it much better than Nataraj. Nataraj is ok but they do not give the naan or rice for free, you have to pay for it, so it is not as inexpensive as you think.

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    1. re: Frances in Toronto

      Nataraj actually has better food than The Host, although both are good. Dhaba is worth trying, as is the little place on Cumberland right next to Yonge St.

      1. re: justin

        20 Cumberland Street
        (416) 929-8309

        1. re: justin

          394 Bloor Street West
          (416) 928-2925
          309 King Street West
          (416) 740-6622
          The Host
          14 Prince Arthur at Avenue Road
          Indian Rice Factory
          414 Dupont Street (Annex neighborhood)
          Cuisine of India
          5222 Yonge Street (North York - north end of town)

          1. re: justin

            if you ever come uptown The Bollywood is excellent. It is around Yonge and Sheppard on Yonge. Lunch buffet and weekend dinner, off the menu for dinner. Service and food excellent...price super reasonable.

      2. re: Frances in Toronto

        I love the Host!!! It's incredible, specially their Chicken Jalfeezi! And their Tandoori is great. I get the hottest (green).

      3. Gateways of India on the Baldwin (between Beverley and McCaul) stretch is quite good. Had dinner there yesterday.

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        1. re: Joobu

          I really like that Baldwin neighbourhood - used to live around the corner from there many years ago. I don't recall Gateways of India. Is it new? And are there good vegetarian choices? (Not all are vegetarians, but there will be a couple).

          1. re: Nyleve

            I first visited Gateways of India a year and a half ago. Like most Indian restaurants there is a selection of vegetarian dishes.

            Another good choice in Downtown would be Biryani House on Wellsley between Yonge and Church, right off the Wellsley station. A little more formal, food is excellent but like many Indian restaurants I've been at, service is lackadaisical at best.

        2. Babur (273 Queen west a couple of blocks west of Osgoode subway) is my current favourite.Try one of the cashew paste dishes.

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          1. re: estufarian

            Oops. Wrong restaurant. Meant Trimurti (which is closer to University).

          2. Matagali is at 69 Elm St., just steps from Dundas Subway and the Eaton Centre.

            Great food and unusual combinations (Thai/Indian). I recommend the Butter Chicken. Actually heard about this little place from another Chowhounder.