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Mar 28, 2004 09:42 PM


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Found some bergamot fruit at Harvest Wagon on Yonge St.; some of you may have seen it elsewhere, but first for me in TO. Bergamot, a member of the citrus family, looks like a plump lemon and is mainly known as the flavouring for Earl Grey tea. Fresh Bergamot's flavour is deep (a tautololy, I know) and distinctive, the aroma (particularly that of the zested rind) pungent yet delicate.
I used its juice to flavour a beurre blanc served with pan-fried scallops, on top of which I laid a few long zests of the fruits (they, too, briefly pan-fried). Also on the plate of this appetizer : frisée aux lardons, briefly tossed with the lardons then sprinkled with bergamot juice. When claning up, I tossed the pulp and what was left of the peel in the kitchen garbage ...and woke up to a delicately fragrant house in the morning. Magical!
Any other ideas for using bergamot?

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  1. Thank you for the alert Denis. Bergamot is found in the calabrian country side where my parents are from. Although we've never cooked with it, I know its scent from the areas signature cologne, Calabrisella. I'll be sure to get some and surprise my dad with it.