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Mar 27, 2004 03:19 PM

The Drake

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I was watching "Opening Soon" on Food TV last week and I saw the re-vamping of the Drake. I have heard mixed reviews but no details. Overall, I have not been advised to go there. I am a Chef myself and judging by what the Chef at the Drake had on his sampler menu, it seemed pretty decent- it's easy to talk about food though. Preparing it consistantly is a whole different story. The decor looked stunning-but I don't want to feel as though that is what I am paying for.

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  1. I've never been, but Now's current issue has a review.

    Link: http://www.nowtoronto.com/issues/2004...

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      You can find other reviews on the board. Personally, I am waiting a bit longer till I hear from others who have been. I find the reviewer at NOW least knowledgable about food. All other local food reviewers had negative reviews. My (albeit limited) experience at lunch there was very disappointing (I posted a review here few weeks ago).

      1. re: Kasia

        I found the food experience at the Drake to be quite enjoyable. The menu presented a good variety of choices for varying appetites and was reasonably priced for the portion size, presentation, quality of ingredients, etc. Two people had the steak/plantain rosti and said it was a lovely cut of loin and was prepared exactly how they'd ordered it. I had the maple miso black cod - - a beautiful piece of fish, perfectly cooked, but a little too sweet with the maple, and the fourth person had the short ribs/wasabi mash. This meal was definitely the best choice....ribs were fork tender and falling off the bone and the pototoes were silky smooth and with just the right hint of wasabi. The baked oysters were sublime...very rich though (think heavy cream, heavy cream, heavy cream).

        The only real detraction of the experience was the crowd...it's such a scene there that it's difficult to enjoy your company and meal. Too much air-kissing and too many shrill voices are almost un-ignoreable competition. If this sort of thing bothers you, I'd suggest waiting six months for the hype to die down before you enjoy a meal there.