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Mar 27, 2004 10:21 AM

toronto avenue road and bloor where to eat

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we will be in toronto in may...staying near avenue road and bloor...where to eat on a friday night?...would like to walk... we like chinese,italian, french, bistro...does any place take reservations? we have to go to chinatown for good chinese?... price is not a major concern but the food is...thanks

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  1. Chinese, no... within walking distance at Bloor and Avenue (just east of the intersection, south side) is Dynasty.

    Regarding Italian, French et al., there's quite a selection along Cumberland and Yorkville (both just north of Bloor)... Jacques Bistro du Parc, Remy's, Bellini's... There's also Pangaea just north of Bloor on Bay (that's about 5 minutes walk west of Avenue).

    Course, you can always cop out and opt for the 'hotel restaurant' at the Four Seasons, Truffles. ;) Just a thought.

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      I like Jacques Bistro du Parc very much. We only go about once a year due to being broke, but we love their food. Usually we end up at the other end of the sprectrum pricewise- Pho Hung!

    2. Here are a few suggestions that you may want to look into. The Bathurst and Bloor area is known as the Annex and it is about a ten to fifteen minute walk from your location.

      My favourite restaurant in the area would have to be Elixir which is located at Bathurst and Bloor. If you walk west from there along Bloor, you will see Honest Ed's (no, do not eat there). Go south on Markham and you will find the Butler's Pantry (inexpensive but tasty dishes for both vegans and meat eaters) as well as Southern Accent (New Orleans).

      Ever want to try Korean? You are just two minutes (further west) away from Korea town and you really can't go wrong with any of these restaurants.

      If you wish to stay in the Avenue and Bloor area, I would suggest that you go to 7 West (Yonge and Charles) for a meal. It's quick, easy and open 24 hours a day. Along Yonge St., just south of Bloor, you have a choice of a number of Panasian restaurants. My favourite would be Spring Rolls which is consistent and authentic. If you are looking for a bistro that is decent, there are two. I like Le Matignon which is located on St. Nicolas Street. Good service and very civilized. There is also the Brownstone Bistro which is located at Yonge and Gloucester. Much more casual than Le Matignon but fun nevertheless.

      Have fun and enjoy your stay. If you need to look up any addresses of these places, use

      1. I recommend: Focaccia (416) 323- 0179 which is a nice little restaurant at Yonge& Bloor, an easy walk. I also recommend Boba ( 416) 961- 2622 which is on Avenue Road. For sushi, I like Asuka which is on Yorkville Ave. Jacques Bistro is great for lunch. I have not done dinner there. Happy Eating

        1. If the weather's warm and you don't mind a short walk, head north up Yonge Street (a couple of streets over from Avenue) to the Rebel House for a decent selection of Canadian beers, good home-cooking type food and a small but very nice patio. A couple of blocks north of there is the Rosedale Diner, which also has a nice garden in the back, although it's a little pricier.

          1. A similar question was asked a few months back and the consensus choice was Le Paradis (166 Bedford) a bistro about 10 minutes walk (15 minute stroll) North on Avenue Road then west on Davenport to Bedford. Reservations essential.