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Mar 27, 2004 09:13 AM

Where would you go?

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Where would you go for a seafood blowout? I want to treat myself to an excellent seafood meal. Any recommendations? (Preferably accessible by ttc).

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  1. to chinatown, one lobster- $16, long xu xuan

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    1. re: Kevin

      For seafood... hands down "Joso's", not only for the food (fresh and tasty) but for the atmosphere. You get to dine in a lush and, juicy dining room, which is filled with phallic symbols but you might spot a celeb. I don't know the exact address but it is in the Bloor/Dupont and Avenue area.

      Note: depending on your benchmark of affordable dining you might find it pricey.

    2. What type of seafood? Any specific preparations preferred?

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      1. re: shan

        I love shellfish: lobster, scallops, shrimp etc. I am open to any preperation...

        1. re: Allison

          It may be a bit out of the way for you but hubby and I go for seafood feast several times a year at the Octagon Restaurant in Thornhill. It is accessible by public transit (TTC to Finch station, then Yonge YRT bus).

          We always order the seafood platter for two (market price) which consists of one lobster, tiger shrimp (2), scallops, and king crab legs. All the seafood is grilled. Dinner includes sauteed veggies and choice of rice, potatoes, or fries. It may not sound like a lot of food but we're always stuffed by the end. We've learned not to order apps and we hardly ever have room for dessert. Besides, dessert is definitely not their forte.

          Reservations are highly recommended for weekends.

          Octagon Restaurant
          7529 Yonge
          Thornhill, ON

          1. re: Allison

            Just a caution. Chiado's (excellent) and Joso's are 'fish' restaurants, rather than 'seafood' - you may find shrimp there but probably not lobster.
            Unfortunately I haven't found an 'excellent seafood' restaurant in Toronto.

            1. re: estufarian

              I have not been there but there is a new seafood restaurant in the Beach called Blu lobster bistro. I have heard good things. If I go I will post back.

        2. David Duncan House (Don Mills Rd and York Mills Rd area)

          Get the seafood deluxe (platter for two) for $100. Sublime. And unless you want your lobster really salty, ask your lobster to be steamed and not broiled.

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          1. re: Goober

            Thanks everyone. Keep them coming!

          2. f
            Frances in Toronto

            For oysters, I like Rodney's oyster house, especially the Cape Breton oysters. But too bad all the other seafood they serve is more or less crap or just ok. ESPECIALLY their crab, it was not good.

            That's all I know really... haven't had too much seafood out here... except at Grazie, their mussels are great! And their seafood linguine special pasta is good value ($18.25 for this huge portion). Although they don't really serve seafood, in general.

            1. Chiado at College & Ossington or Starfish at Adelaide & Jarvis. Yum yum!

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              1. re: Fickle

                rol san sucks. Xam Yu a few feet north is much better. Chiado is a good choice for Portuguese fish. But Rodney's Oyster House was always my favorite for a seafood blowout.