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Mar 27, 2004 09:10 AM

7 Numbers

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A friend is planning a dinner at 7 Numbers on Eglinton Ave W. Has anyone been, what is the place/food like?


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    Elastic Waistband

    I have been to 7 Numbers several times, and have taken friends there who also loved it.

    It is a smallish Italian restaurant, sort of "trendy", offering its wine list on a handwritten piece of paper, and its menu on blackboards.

    The food is high quality and there is good variety as well. The style of the food is similar to "Gio's" (formerly on Yonge Street) and "Five Doors North".

    The dishes are small in size, and one has to order several dishes from the various lists (appetizers, mains, veggies, etc.). I believe that the cooking is in the style of southeastern Italy.

    I do not think that they take reservations unless your party is over a certain number (maybe 6 people?).

    Have fun.

    1. A wonderful review here:

      I've been as recently as a month ago, and it still rocks. When you cook with passion, great ingredients, simplicity, and tradition, you'll end up with incredible food every time.

      It is a no frills experience that I'd highly recommend to anyone visiting Toronto looking for spectacular Italian fare.


      1. Had to put in my 2 cents worth here. Went to 7 Numbers last year. While the food was very good (though not excellent), but I really disliked the atmosphere. It tried really hard to be un-trendy ex. handwritten black and white photocopied menus and wine list written in crayon on a paper bag. None of the chairs match. It was so self-consciously untrendy I found it uncomfortable to be there and wouldn't go again. There was discussion on the board about 7 Numbers and its trendiness.
        BTW, there is a private dining room in the back for parties. It seats up to 12 people, I think.

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          Our family went to 7 Numbers last year and we decided that it is not worth it to return. Like one of the writers said, the food is good but it is not excellent.
          In fact I found their lasagna to be very soggy.

          I would also think twice about visiting this place if you have a baby. The staff and customers tend to stare with disdain ... we really thought we should have walked out instead of staying, but we were hungry.

          Lots of talk about Romagna Mia - probably good to try this place instead. We haven't been there ourselves.

        2. My girlfriend took me to 7 Numbers for my birthday dinner because we had heard so many great things about this restaurant.

          First impressions, we were a bit put off by the photocopied menus that were hard to read.

          Menu aside, the food was not good for the value....$8.50 for a "large" order of spaghetti and rapini (which was in fact about 4 twirls of a fork's worth), I wondered how the gentleman beside me could have been full from the "small" order that he was eating. Next, we ordered the veal scallopini and a dish of fish, which wasn't far off from what I can cook at home myself.

          Presentation-wise, nothing was impressive..plates are huge, portions are small, $60 later, we were still hungry :-(

          Overall we were quite disappointed by the whole dining experience and we couldn't understand what the big fuss was all about over this place.

          I guess that 7 Numbers is an "ok" place to go have a quick bite to eat (if you were too tired to cook after work), but I would definitely not recommend going here for special occasions. Really, what's the big deal?


          1. The original comment has been removed