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Mar 26, 2004 11:54 PM
Discussion for sunday brunch in TO

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Hi guys,

Any recommendations for sunday brunch in TO. I was leafing through the entertainment book 241 coupons and I wondering if there is any good places from the book that you guys have tried as well as places not in the book


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  1. f
    Frances in Toronto

    Here are some places to try, that vary in price range:

    1. Azul (Queen/Bathurst)
    2. Mitzi's
    3. Xacutti (not very filling but food is A+, more fancy than filling & $$$)
    4. Mildred Pierce
    5. Creme de la Creme (Bloor/Royal York, my favourite)
    6. Irish Embassy -- good but not great value ($$$)
    7. Easy
    8. I have yet to try Hello Toast, and Bonjour Brioche,
    but I hear these are quite good.
    9. All you can eat Sunday brunch at "The Hot Cafe"
    for about $16 (not incl. drinks)

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    1. re: Frances in Toronto

      Azul closed down didn't it?

      Kalendar on College has a pretty good brunch. Mango-stuffed french toast, mmm....

      And I heard that Edward Levesque is also good for brunch. Aunties and Uncles is popular too, although I wasn't crazy about it.

      1. re: Bumblegirl

        Azul is now Canteena. Serving the same brunch