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Mar 26, 2004 11:49 PM

Good birthday restaurants in Toronto/GTA???

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Hey guys, anyone know good b-day restaurants... free / discounted food, good b-day service, good desserts / free cake, etc or just had a very memorable experience b/c it was his/her birthday and shared it with a few friends

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  1. I know of a few good places that has offered me discounts and freebies, but that may be because of my contacts in the restaurants.

    One good place for people to go to is Marche at the BCE Place. I suggest it because it makes it easier when paying on your way out as it is all separate bills. :)

    Try Big Daddy's Crabshack, too. :)

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    1. re: FoodFanatic

      Barbarian's on Elm Street. Fabulous meal there, steak etc. last year on my birthday.


      1. re: Linda

        Riverside Cafe...730 Queen St E.
        We just went for our anniversary 2 weeks ago. They get busy, so call for a reservation.
        They have a new chef there now and the food is incredible...Check out there website, they've listed there menu and have a crazy selection of imported beers.

        1. re: Linda

          We love eating at Barbarien's and having a great steak when we come to Toronto. D.

          1. re: Linda

            The Sultan's Tent- fun, fun, fun- good food and since they moved, a beautiful loctaion!

            Happy Birthday!