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Mar 25, 2004 10:16 PM

Upcoming Toronto visit ... where to eat?

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I will be in Toronto for Easter for 4 days. In between the Italian in-law dinner festivities I will probably get the chance to skip out and sample at least one of Toronto's finer restaurants. It will probably be lunch/brunch at some point.

I live in Vancouver and I don't mind paying a bit more as long as the food is good. For those familiar with Vancouver I am looking for the Toronto counterpart of a place like West, Lumiere or Diva.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

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    Peppermint Pate

    My suggestions would be Luce (if you haven't od'd on Italian at the family festivities) - new Italian restaurant from the Rubino brothers in the St. Germain Hotel - reminds me a bit of Diva, JK on Church (fingers crossed that the service will be "on" as the food is yummy - Jamie Kennedy is a Toronto equivalent of Rob Feenie) and Perigee, down in the Distillery District. JK and Perigee offer the added pleasure of an open kitchen. JK doesn't take reservations. Enjoy!

    1. You'll get differing opinions, but I think the one "must-do" restuarant is Susur. I love Lumiere in Vancouver and find Susur the only match, although Avalon is also pretty damn fine, especially if you could squeeze in one of their special Friday dinners. I enjoy Perigee as well, but it's down a notch from those other two.

      Have fun!


      1. PERIGEE inside the Distillery District
        Visit for maps and directions

        Eigensinn Farms (Michael Stadlander) but this is outside of Toronto and requires months in advance to book a table.

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          Frances in Toronto

          I would think that North 44, or its counterpart Terra in Thornhill, would be comparable... North 44 is located in mid-town Toronto, right on Yonge Street.

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            No recommendation for restaurant, but thought you might want to check out the JS Bon Bon shop on Queen St. West - it's a chocolate shop for the chocoholic. Be sure to have a hot chocolate!