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Mar 25, 2004 11:39 AM

Dim Sum on Saturdays or Sundays

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Hi everybody. We are coming to TO this weekend and want to go for dim sum on Saturday AND Sunday. (We are from the north where we can't get it and feel very deprived!..)

We will be staying downtown and know that a lot of places have dim sum daily but not all have it all day Saturday or Sunday. Is it just mornings usually?

Any help would be appreciated. Have read about
the Harbourfront Pearl rest and Bright Pearl as well from the posts on this board. Do they have it on weekends?

Thanks a million. Can't wait!

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  1. You'll have no trouble finding dim sum at many chinese places on the weekend. The vast majority will only have dim sum in the morning until about 2-3pm. Dim Sum is primarily a brunch/lunch kind of thing. You will find some places offering dim sum for the whole day, off of a menu.

    Both "Pearls" will only have dim sum in the morning/lunch hours though, I believe.


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      Cha Liu is the most prevalent name I've heard regarding all-day dim sum. I've never been to it, but even on this board there seems to be mostly positive comments.

    2. Recommendations - the first three are more expensive but the decor and service reflect it. On balance the dim sum also reflects it but you will get debates.
      King's Garden - King St West (just west of University ave)
      Dynasty - Bloor St w, just east of Avenue Rd in the Colonnade
      Lai Hai Ween - in the Metroplitan Hotel on Chestnut - Expensive!; many say it is the best dim sum in NORTH AMERICA but others are detractors

      Then there is the main Chinatown at Dundas/Spadina. Two decent places are Sky Dragon (I think that is the name) which is on 4th floor of Dragon Centre at SW corner of Dundas and Spadina and Bright Pearl (Again, I think that is the name) on Spadina, one block north of Dundas on west side - its the yellow building with two stone lions out front.