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Mar 25, 2004 08:39 AM

Looking for a good wok (indirectly food-related)

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Hello Chowhounds,

Where in town can I found a good wok at a reasonable price? I recall purchasing a wok from Chinatown somewhere but at the time it only cost me like $8, and then the thing kept rusting (i had to keep oiling it to prevent rust). Then the thing combusted anyway...

Would appreciate any pointers!

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    Denis Pelletier

    Forget the wok and buy a big heavy-gauge stainless steel sauteuse — as wide as will fit on your biggest burner and about 5 inches high. Buy professional quality and don't stint on the $$$$ : it will last you forever. I use mine for sautéing and for simmering/stewing (the very heavy bottom ideal for this too!). Check out Nikolaou at 629 Queen St. W for reasonable prices. NEVER be cheap when it comes to knives,pots and pans : it doesn't pay.

    1. Go to Tap Phong on Spadina (on the west side, between St. Andrews and Baldwin). It's a huge store - with lots of woks at the front. BUT if you want a good heavy duty one, go to the back of the store where they sell the restaurant-quality ones. They are not expensive and beat the cheapie thin ones at the front of the store by a mile.

      By the way - a good wok will rust. You have to season it like cast iron, then each time after using and washing (I wash mine) give it a thin coat of veg. oil. My wok is over 30 years old and still going strong. I might have paid $5 for it.