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Mar 24, 2004 04:08 PM

swedish cheese and spanish almonds

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does anyone know where I can find Swedish cheese in TO? how about Marcona almonds (they are not swedish :))?

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  1. try viking foods on laird dr & golden kringle on broadview (they're estonian but carry some swedish stuff). also, i think i saw räk ost at ikea.

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      Peppermint Pate

      Whole Foods sells yummy marcona almonds. They stock them near the cheese counters (which are extensive, so you could check for the Swedish cheese there as well). Other stores with great cheese selections that you may want to try are Alex Farm Dairies (St. Lawrence Market, Bayview and Moore, Manulife Centre), Pusateri's, Mendel's Creamery and the store next to it (whose name I forget) in Kensington Market.