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Mar 24, 2004 03:27 PM

Scanpan cookware

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Does anyone know of any kitchenware shops in T.O. (preferably downtown) that sell Scanpan cookware? After much research online it looks like this brand is the best for my needs--but I'd like to see the stuff in person before I plunk down the mucho dolores to obtain it.

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  1. I bought my Scanpan Steel saute pan from I've never seen any Scanpan cookware in any of the shops. Are you looking for Scanpan stainless or one of the other lines?

    Nikolaou (629 Queen @Bathurst) does have a nice selection of professional cookware in store: stainless - Chaudier, Sitram, copper - Mauviel

    Williams & Sonoma carries All Clad, Caphalon, Mauviel and several other but their prices are somewhat inflated IMHO