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Mar 24, 2004 12:13 PM

Downtown Dim sum

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Not having gone downtown/Chinatown for dim sum since childhood, I was wondering where would a good place to go for dim sum on a Saturday be? Due to the requirements of my lunch companions, a place that has a mid-upper price or lower is preferred (so that means Lai Wah Heen is definitely out of the picture... and although the place is good, it's not 30 dollars a person good).

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Rol San and Bright Pearl Seafood on Spadina are good for the authentic "crash into the back of your chair by those crazy ladies with the cart" type of dim sum restaurants. Food is greasy but edible. Asian Legend on Dundas is better ambiance wise and a little less greasy but no carts. You check off a list and they'll bring it to you. The service is much better, chances are they won't spill half your food on your lap first! ;-)

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      I went with a group for dim sum at Rol San (I am not a fan of their regular menu) in January. Not a cart in sight. Everything came from the kitchen. Be prepared for a line-up on Sunday. Everything was tasty but nothing would have brought me back again soon. Crowded, rushed, moved us from one line at the front, to the back and that back to the front, etc.There's dim sum on the Chinatown east side of town that I prefer.

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        I organize bi-monthly Dim Sum gettogethers, and we typically end up at Wai Fah (the 2nd floor Dim Sum place in the brown building; but go there before 1 pm, otherwise the food is old-greasy), and Rol San... best deep friend squid tentacles than any other places I have tried so far. I wouldn't go to to Pearl Restaurant - not enough bang for the buck.

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        I don't recall carts at Rolsan, but their dim sum is great for about $10.00 per person at lunch. The crew from Misura noshes there after service.

      3. I go with a group of friends to Sky Dragon every odd Sunday. It's located in the Dragon City mall @ Dundas/Spadina. They have a profusion of carts going by and the food is good. Very reasonably priced and friendly service.

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          correct me if I`m wrong.. but my brother told me that the dim sum in dragon city is hald price on weekdays after 2:00pm, apparently the selection is stil very good ....I have been to the dim sum across from Hsin Kuang on spadina (big sign out front saying :"we serve Dim Sum"). It was good but who wants to order dim sum from a menu?.. I want grannies pushing carts!!

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            Hi mbe,

            None of us can recall whether they offer that, as we've never gone there for dim sum during the weekday. We're going next Sunday though, so I'll make sure to note whether that's the case or not.


        2. Pearl Restaurant at Harbourfront is great...good food, friendly staff and best of all, its clean!

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            This is a bit of a dodgy description:

            99% sure the restaurant is called Wai Fah.
            It's on Dundas, east of of Spadina on the South side.
            It's on the second floor of a three floor mall, you walk up 8 or so steps from steet level to the first floor of the mall which is small shops and immediately to the left is the stair case.

            Almost directly across the street is the Kowloon Dart and Social club (or something similar).

            Anyway, the place is completely packed, mostly Asians there. Personally, I find the food and variety of dishes far better than Shining Pearl. There are a lot of carts wizzing around so you can get a good feast on the table fairly quickly. Usually around $15 a person.

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            Frances in Toronto

            i don't like any of the dim sum places on Spadina at all. they're greasy/MSG laden.

            your best bet is Pearl on Harbourfront, or (a bit more pricier but better quality than chinatown) on Bloor, what's the name of the place again... Dynasty, I think? (it is between Bay and St. George).

            1. The Treasure, on Dundas just west of the Eaton Centre.

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                It's full name is the New Treasure (replaced the original 'Treasure') at 150 Dundas West. It's downstairs - 1 level below the street. However, in the same building 1 level above the street is the Chinese Palace which is a bit more upscale (real tablecloths) but also very affordable ($10-15 per person). I prefer the Chinese Palace (access by stairs or elevator).

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                  I didn't know that. Thanks for the info.