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Mar 23, 2004 07:08 PM

best Spadina BBQ Duck w/ rice joint?

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I noticed that there's a bunch. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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  1. south of Spadina, west side, maybe 1 block, grey building with big windows, modern looking, pretty much only serves BBQ

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    1. re: Goober

      Just try one side of the street and work your way down the other side then decide which one will be your favourite place.
      It`s a fun way to find out.

      1. re: lakiss

        Goldstone is about the only restaurant on the Dundas -Spadina strip that has continuous BBQ production all day. Most places hang a day's production and when it's gone it's gone. Goldstone has the highest turnover. This is a good sign for duck eaters!

      2. re: Goober

        I think you're talking about Goldstone. That's a solid choice. I often go there but I don't have a wide enough reference to say its the best BBQ.

      3. I would second Goldstone as one of the better places for BBQ duck with rice.


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          Frances in Toronto


          from my experience, Goldstone blows.

          the best bbq duck with rice is King's Noodle House, which is more or less N/W corner of Dundas and Spadina. make sure you ask for duck breast meat if you are not ordering a duck leg (they charge more for ordering duck leg).

          Frances in Toronto