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Aug 10, 1999 07:39 PM

Great Thai food in Seattle

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Seattlelite friends of mine took me to Banh Thai. We
shared nam pla (fish cakes) and vegetable spring rolls
as appetizers, and I had tom yom gung soup, chicken
jungle curry as a main dish, and then shared home-made
coconut ice cream as a dessert. One of my friends got a
tofu dish which I tried, and the other got that dish
with chop-meat chicken with lime juice, basil and such
on a lettuce leaf (its name slips my mind). Everything
was WONDERFUL!! My friends asked for the spiciness to
be cut down, while I got everything hot and tasty just
the way I like it. Great, authentic food, and highly

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    1. re: Dave Feldman

      Right, Dave. Larb gai.

      1. re: Dave Feldman

        Try Mae Pim, 94 Columbia St., open from 11 or noon to 7 PM, 'specially crowded 11:30-1:00.: 24 veg, 24 meat items, each $5.01, including tax, for great food, in a warm place, run by a welcoming family; many were teachers in Thailand.

      2. Bahn Tai has been around a long time, and contintues to
        dish up some very tasty Thai food, as Michael reported.
        Seattle is fortunate to be awash with good Thai
        restaurants, many of which are as good as, and some
        even better than, Bahn Tai. My only complaint is that
        the offerings at most of the Seattle restaurants tend
        to be pretty standard, and don't reach out, for
        example, to Northern Thai or Issan dishes, or even to
        many of the Bangkok dishes that are available at Los
        Angeles Thai restaurants. My favorite Seattle Thai
        restaurants include Siam on Broadway, Ayutthaya, Bai
        Tong (near Sea-Tac Airport), Freemont Noodle House, and
        Noodle Studio. A ferry ride away, on Bainbridge
        Island, Sawatdy Thai Cuisine is right up there with the
        very best. And on Mercer Island, a ten minute drive
        from downtown Seattle, Thai Kitchen is worth the short
        drive across Lake Washington. On the other side of
        Lake Washington, in Kirkland, Tommy Thai is a standout.
        And, although not qualifying as a traditional Thai
        restaurant, the pan-Asian Wild Ginger, on Western Ave.
        below the Pike Place Market, serves up the best food of