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Mar 23, 2004 03:07 PM

Best Pizza in the East End

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Any recomendations chowhounds?

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  1. Magic Oven gets my vote for the best, most innovative pizzas. It is located across the street from Broadview subway station.

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    1. re: Viola

      Magic Oven is pretty hit and miss. One time the pizza is great, other times the crust is undercooked and soggy, nearly inedible. And this is after asking them to please ensure that the pizza is properly cooked. For the prices they charge, I expect a little more consistency. It shouldn't be a gamble every time I order.

      1. re: Misha

        That's a surprise to me. Tony has always been very conscientious and responsive to customer concerns about the food. It is afterall still a mom and pop operation.

        Hope that you enjoy your pizza wherever it happens to come from!

        1. re: Viola

          I'm glad you're having better luck with them!

          I was a very regular customer, ordering at least once a week. Then the problems started. No one at Magic Oven seemed to care, and there was no reaction to my complaints, not even an apology. Paying $26 for a pizza that was barely edible and having the restaurant shrug it off is not good.

          I am going to try Valley Pizza, due to all the positive comments I've read on the board.

          1. re: Misha

            I have to second the criticisms about Magic Oven. Very inconsistent.

            1. re: Misha

              I have to second the criticisms about Magic Oven. Very inconsistent.

              1. re: Maureen

                I have yet to have a problem with Magic Oven, i do find their pizza's rediculously expensive (I've paid 30$ for a small before just b/c I 'built it myself' and didnt realise how the toppings add up haha) but I al always satisfied as the pizza doesnt taste like 'junky unhealthy food'

      2. Also try Valley Pizza at 777-0777.

        Their 'White Pizza's are amazing. Think cream sauce, walnuts, roated chicken, garlic and spinach....


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        1. re: Markaroni

          Where are they exactly?

          1. re: lissar

            They're on River Street, just south of Gerrard. It's not much to look at. But then, what take-out pizza joints ever are?

        2. r
          Robert Beeney

          I have found Gerrard Pizza at Coxwell and Danforth on the north west side to be very good as are the pastas.

          1. I really like Peter's Cajun Creole on Sherbourne St. just above Queen, although it is primarily a take out and delivery place with only 2 or 3 tables squeezed into a small space. They have gourmet combinations, but without the gourmet prices. (check the address)

            1. Big Mama's on Parliament delivers pizza that harkens back to my first delicious experiences with the dish. The emphasis is on the basics instead of absurd ingredients (like arugula).