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Mar 22, 2004 08:33 PM

Review - Celestin

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This review was written in a hurry. Sorry, but I didn't have much time to write a good review, but I wanted to let everyone know how great this place is.

Went with two friends last Friday night.

Excellent, French upscale bistro food. It's the real thing, just like in Paris. A little pricey, but really tasty and well-executed.

Good wine list, with lots of French stuff, but very few by the glass.

Classic baguette served with incredibly good butter.

The food: tartlette of escargots with Italian chestnuts with a litle bit of Burgundy-style butter sauce. Delicious. Then, duck confit two ways: one, it a beautfil pie with what I think may have been some cabbage. Excellent pastry, wonderful, great. Then, crispy leg bathed lightly in a rich brown sauce which had great depth of flavour. Coupled with a wonderful French wine, which I completely forget yet thoroughly enjoyed.

Dessert selections were impressive. I had lime tart topped with lavender ice cream. Real nice.

$100 per person. Worth it.

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  1. You didn't comment on service - was that deliberate or an omission?
    On my visit I found it 'robotic' - when it occurred. A mixture of formal and totally ignoring us. Also the wine list was 90% red and most of the menu choices went better with white wines.
    But the food was good - not sure it was worth the $240 for two that it cost us with one of the cheaper bottles of wine.

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      No, I found the service to adequate; perhaps even pretty good as I recall. At that kind of place, you need a female waitron.