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Mar 22, 2004 05:12 PM

afternoon tea in Toronto

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Any suggestions for English style tea service in Toronto?

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  1. I have never been but I have heard that the Windsor Arms at Bloor ~ Bay is quite nice for afternoon tea...

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      I've heard that the King Edwards Hotel just a block east of King on Yonge does an excellent tea service.

      Pangaea at Bay and Bloor also have a tea service.

      I haven't tried both- keep meaning to but haven't gotten around to it. Opinions wanted on either, or some other place!

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        King Edward Hotel on King East of Yonge does indeed have a nice one. I believe it's located in Cafe Victoria where the ambience is incredible - very ornate decor. I like the option of having just finger sandwiches (I'm a savoury type), sweets or both. The clotted cream is to die for.

        Hotel Intercontinental on Bloor west of Avenue serves tea. It's a cosy place - try to get seated near the fireplace.

        Four Seasons Hotel on Avenue north of Bloor also has a nice tea just off the lobby. They come around and serve you a limited number of finger sandwiches though. They do not come on a tiered silver tray like the other two places mentioned above.

        I heard the Windsor Arms Hotel off Bloor between Bay and Yonge has a good tea, but I have never been. There's the Old Mill on Bloor West - a beautiful country inn and spa tucked away with ruins of an old mill to explore on site.

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          Frances in Toronto

          Windsor Arms Hotel! They have the best scones.

          Here is their website.

          1. I saw a tv review of the Victorian Garden Tea Room about a year ago. Burnhamthorpe Rd, Etobicoke. Also you might want to try
            It's a tea room website with reviews. This post has made me thirs-tea so I'm going to try one of its recommendations this week.