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Mar 21, 2004 08:34 PM

Eats near Dixie & Steeles (Nortel Brampton Office)

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I just recently started working at the Nortel campus in Brampton - Dixie and Steeles Area. Even though there is a cafeteria, I'm already bored. Can anyone suggest some good eats in that area? Thanks.

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  1. i also work in the area and have yet to find any good eats. what type of cuisine are you looking for?

    Mississauga is a short drive away but has a much better selection of restaurants.

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      Well..that's sad! I was hoping for anything other then fast food or chain store (such as Jack Astors). Any Thai? Japanese? Vietnamnese? Italian? would be greatly appreciated!

    2. I've been staying in Brampton for about a month now for work. I'm from South Carolina, and I have been pretty dissappointed with the restaurants around here. One place I frequent is Nando's on Queen Street. They have good grilled chicken, and an excellent gr. chicken caesar and mediterranean salads.. If you order it hot, you better like it hot though. They have quality sides too, like rice (actually good), corn on cob, salad... Anyway, it's hard to get out of there w/o spending at least $12, but good eats. If you want a good steak (not cheap either), but good go to the Keg.

      I've eaten at Mr. Greek on Queen Street, it's pretty good too.
      As far as italian, I ate at Canneli's next door to Mr. Greek. It's pretty decent, but not excellent.

      I've tried to try a variety of local places... but have yet to find much good food other than typical bar food at dinner places.

      My recommendations are don't go to: Jakes Boathouse, Kelseas, Appleby's, or Boston Pizza. I'll be here for another month or so, so I'll keep you posted.

      Good luck.

      1. guess i'm a little late huh?

        1. A brand new Thai/Vietnamese place just opened beside Jack Astors on Queen..haven't tried it yet, but might be place to check out..
          I like Sahla Thai on Queen and Rutherford..they have some yummy special dishes..Crazy Chicken was really good..

          1. Heritage fish and chips (the Queen st. location) is pretty good. they are always busy during lunch hour, so earlier the better.