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Mar 20, 2004 07:08 AM

Good Pizza (Any similar places like Me &Eds in Toronto)

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After a trip home to Vancouver I visited an old favourite of mine, Me & Eds , and now I am dying for more of the same. There has to be similar old school pizza parlour like Me & Eds in Toronto. Please help me because I am dying for more and I can not get back to Vancouver until June!

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  1. Not sure what Me and Eds is like however, for old school Pizza, 2 definate places to try would be Amatto's- Queen west just past Spadina on the north side and Corras Pizza- up north on spadina just past the junction on the west side. They are both favorites in the city- good eats!

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      Papa Ceo , right next to Cora is as good if not better, in my opinion. You can also try La Lucciola, on Eglinton near Dufferin, which does wonders for delivery and Vesuvio, on Dundas, near the Junction, which is awesome.

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        Try John's Classic on College and Clinton. Ultra thin crust pizza. The place looks like Sal's Pizza in "Do The Right Thing."

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          Martino's Pizza at St. George and Dupont is very good. More of a delivery place than a restaurant.

    2. Anyone suggesting Papa Ceo's or Cora as contenders for the best pizza in Toronto has obviously eaten too many McCain frozen carton pies to know what good pizza is.

      Massimo's on college just west of Spadina is very good -- try their Marguerita!

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        Agreed. I used to frequent Cora's and Papa Ceo's back in my university days (ten years ago), but the few times I've returned since it has not been good. Amato's is much better, I get my weekly pizza fix from them.

        Another place to check out is Terroni's on Queen west of Bathurst. There is another location on Yonge St somewhere. They do take out, but no reservations.

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          Massimo's is great. Haven't been there in a while, but they also used to have a really good pasta special (one kind of pasta only, choice of tomato-based or cream-based sauce) and good veal sandwiches too.

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            Massimo's is great...but I have to argue that King Slice (Bloor/Dundas W) beats it hands down. The slices at KS can't compete w Massimo's but if you get a whole pie you'll see the difference. Very nice folks at KS as well.

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              I find Massimo's and Amato's quite mediocre.
              I am from Ottawa where the pizza's are mind boggling.
              Mico angelos (a small chain) is fabulous.

              Toronto, I have yet to find that nice thick.
              real crust, delicious sauce etc.
              These others just don't taste that great.


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