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Feb 19, 1999 04:47 PM

Pacific Northwest Restaurants--looking for Barbara Spigler

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On January 30, I received an e-mail from Barbara
Spigler, who said she had found my e-mail address at
the Chowhound site, and asked me for recommendations in
connection with a trip to Seattle, Vancouver, B.C., and
Victoria, B.C. in June. I wrote a very lengthy
response, and e-mailed it to the address provided. But
the e-mail keeps coming back marked "user unknown."
Hello, Barbara, are you out there somewhere? My
response was much too long and detailed for posting on
the Chowhound board. If you read this, please contact
me and tell me how to get the information I prepared to

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  1. tom--unless you're talking about highly personal information, there's nothing you could post that would be
    "too long and detailed for posting on the Chowhound board".

    we LOVE long and detailed! And there's plenty of space on the server...