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Mar 18, 2004 01:42 PM

Ruth Chris

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Hi There
Has anyone been to the new Ruth Chris steakhouse in Mississauga . I would appreciate any reviews.
Robert Beeney

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  1. I think All Ruth's Chris are the same. Not bad, but if you're in Mississauga, the best place I can think of for Steak and Seafood would be "Le Castile" on the North side of Dundas just West of the 427.

    Their Rocquefort dressing is incredible. You'll probably pay half of what you pay at Ruth Chris but not get the sizzling steak.

    Ruth's Chris put their meat on a conveyor belt as far as I can tell, whereas Le Castile grills theirs. Both places do a good job.

    I prefer Le Castile. Their Seafood platter for two is a STEAL!!!