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Dec 2, 1998 10:07 PM

Dim Sum in Portland, OR

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Anybody have any suggestions for some good dim sum
restaurants in Portland? What's good where? Is it
pretty authentic (i.e. chicken feet!) or
"Americanized"? Do they serve it with pu-erh tea?

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  1. Alice,

    I think Fong Chong is the best (NW
    4th & Everett). There's a diverse
    crowd weekdays, but on weekends
    it's full of Chinese families. You
    can find chicken feet as well as
    shark fin dumplings (yee chee
    gow) and my favorite, the lotus-
    leaf-wrapped sticky rice called
    normy gai. The House of Louis
    across the street serves a nearly
    identical dim sum (both places
    owned, as many properties in
    Chinatown are, by the Louis clan),
    but in a more refined (and, in my
    opinion, boring) atmosphere. The
    Oregonian's Karen Brooks likes
    Seven Stars (in the same block),
    but my vote is still with Fong

    Jim Dixon

    PS There's a short review of Fong
    Chong on my web site,, as well as
    reviews of other Portland

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    1. re: Jim Dixon

      I strongly second Jim's backing of Fong Chong for the best dim sum in Portland.

      I believe the second best place for dim sum in Portland is Legin on 82nd Ave@Division. It is busy on the weekend as well.