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Mar 16, 2004 09:21 AM

SIlver Spoon

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Anyone been lately?
I've heard only good things.



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  1. Hmmmm....unless they've miraculously improved over the past year, I'd be careful. See thread below.


    1. Went there several months ago. A spectacularly unmemorable experience. Nothing was bad, but nothing was great. The atmosphere feels like a lot of other restaurants, and the menu has nothing original. There's nothing wrong with the food. You get the idea.

      1. I regularly go to Silver Spoon and enjoy it a lot.

        The staff is friendly and helpful. The menu is small, but the kitchen concentrates on what they do best. The ambience is very relaxing and romantic. The chef exercises his creativity with the daily specials. The short list of desserts is very nice as well... I never skip dessert there.

        What keeps taking me back to Silver Spoon is that I have not found another restaurant that offers the same quality and service for what they charge. It is an excellent value. You can go to restaurants that offer a more exciting and delightful experience, but certaily you'll pay much more than what you pay at Silver Spoon. For restaurants in the same price range and category, Silver Spoon is the best!

        Note: I have to admit that sometimes they have a minor consistency problem. The antipasto appetizer once in a while is not as good as usual. Once my salmon main course was overdone. One evening three weeks ago the staff was short by one waiter and service suffered. They are only humans and try to do their best. I still believe it is a nice place to go.

        Best regards,


        1. Have been there twice. Both times, the main entree (fish) almost made me throw up. Too much carmelization and burnt flavours, combined with too much fat.

          Tread lightly.

          1. Do they have a big menu? I see this place on my way home after work but I've never gone in. Reviews have been mixed but It looks like some of the "haters" have never even eaten here and just jumped on the hate bandwagon (Which is one of the biggest problems with this site - made up opinions)

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              Their menu is not large. It is available on their website at

              I wrote the entry above dated Mar 20, 2004 07:47 PM. I stopped going to Silver Spoon a few years ago, and recently dined there twice, and can certainly say that things have changed - for better - in the past five years. I was very pleasantly surprised when I returned. It is clear that Rocco's talent has evolved since he opened the restaurant. The dishes now have more rich and complex flavors.

              The roasted Bosc pear and butternut squash soup was delicious, a wonderful surprise. The oven roasted cornish hen is nicely prepared, tender and juicy. I like Rocco's duck confit, and the fresh rigatoni in a tomato sauce offers just the right amount of spiciness for my taste.

              In my original post, I mentioned that Silver Spoon used to offer excellent value for what they charged. This has changed as well. The food is very good, but the prices are now comparable to other restaurants at the same level. Please do not take me wrong, the food is worth every penny they charge, it simply is not a steal as it used to be.

              Silver Spoon is a great neighborhood restaurant that I still highly recommend to anyone. But of course, not everybody will like their food. It is a matter of personal preference. I respect the opinion of people who dislike their food. If you have never been there, you'll have to give it a try to form your own opinion. :)