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Mar 14, 2004 07:33 PM

Diabetic Chocolate

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does anyone know where in Toronto sells Diabetic Chocolate??

Many thnaks in Advance

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  1. try the specialty food shop at the hospital for sick children.


    1. The Nutty Chocolatier (Yonge & Adelaide, Beaches etc) sells "no sugar added" chocolate. They state "These chocolates are suitable for some diabetic diets (consult your physician)".

      Their regular chocolates are delish though not as good as Bernard Callebaut.


      1. p
        Peppermint Pate

        Noah's health food stores, Whole Foods and Chapmans all have a good selection as well. I would think any decent health food store would sell some too.

        1. I have been told by one of my Bosses that Ed's Real Scoop on Queen Street makes excellent diabetic chocolate - call beforehand though - he does not make it all of the time!

          1. Teuscher's, next to Ashley's in the Manulife Centre sells expensive, gift-wrapped, diabetic chocolates.