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Mar 14, 2004 10:25 AM

Need Wedding Banquet Venue

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I'm planning to have a wedding in Toronto and am looking for a venue that I could use that fits 300 persons (rounds of 10) that would allow my own caterer to come in and cook on premise.

I have my own favourite Chinese place who usually does not go off-site, but is willing to do so for me. But, I need a nice venue. We want to have a Chinese lauriat banquet, with some surprise appetizers during the coktail hour.

Any suggestions for an affordable and accomodating venue would be greatly appreciated. Anywhere within GTA with ample parking (Hwy 7 or Major MacKenzie near 404 is ok, too)


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  1. Angus Glen Golf Club @Major Mack and Kennedy is a great venue and will let an outside catering company use their facility...for a nominal charge of course!


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      A great reference book is a Toronto Life booklet and it listed various venues in the GTA and whether they have preferred or open caterers. I lent mine to a friend of mine so don't have any specifics to tell you. Not sure about the catering part, but it's big and lots of parking - Le Parc (Hwy 7 & Leslie).

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        Have you tried Distillery District? Cool spot for a wedding and I think they have catering kitchen options.