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Mar 12, 2004 05:15 PM

Fish and Chips In South Etobicoke

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I have lived in South Etobicoke for about 6 yrs now. Does anybody know of any good fish & chips places in this area other than the one on Bloor and Montgomery.

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  1. Applewood Fish and Chips at 1020 Burnhamthorpe Rd
    is really worth a visit if you are that close...


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    1. re: stephen

      My favourite Fish 'n Chips spot in Etobicoke is "Mcnie's" on Burnhamthorpe, west of Kipling. Great Halibut or Haddock fish, hand-cut chips, mushy peas, etc - and good prices too. Worth a visit.

      1. re: Brian

        Another vote here. They used to close a bit earlier than most, but that may have changed. Menu also featured a double order of fish, or "large" order, which was a huge piece that was equivalent to having two pieces...

        1. re: Brett

          I should mention that they were at the corner of Burnhamthorpe and Martingrove.

          1. re: Brett

            Don't forget about New Tor. F + C on 5th just north of the Lakeshore........still the best around!!

            1. re: Chester

              Check the Tor Star 3-21-04 issue for article on New Tor. F + C.

    2. Kingsway fish and chips at royal york and bloor st.

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      1. re: Rob Scott

        I like Viking Fish and Chips on The Queensway, between Royal York and Kipling on the north side.