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Mar 11, 2004 02:53 PM


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I am taking my father out for his birthday next week and I need some recommendations for places with good oysters and seafood. My father and I will be eating oysters but the rest of the family will just have seafood. Prices should be less than $50 per head not including wine...

Your help is appreciated!



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  1. My favorite for oysters has always been Rodney's on King West of Spadina. Nice assortment of very fresh oysters. The rest of the food is ok but nothing to right home about... The food relies on the freshness of its ingredients rather than the quality of its preparation. This is not to say the prepared food is bad but rather that it could be more if the ingrediants were in the hands of a talented chef. I have not been to Starfish which I guess would be the other obvious choice.

    Good luck.


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      Warning: Rodney's does not serve Guiness. Oysters without Guiness? Blasphemy!

      1. re: guiness
        Michael Lancashire

        Rodney's does serve Guiness, despite your rather ostentatious statement. In the bottle with the widget, but there it is right beside the Keith's. On tap Rodney's also has Amsterdam Irish Stout, which, while not Guiness is a very good LOCAL brew that fits in nicely with Rodney's policy of encouraging local producers to produce, and to encourage diner's to try local.

    2. I haven't been to Rodney's since they moved, but I've been to Starfish. Outstanding oysters, superb seafood. I found everything really fresh.

      Warning: if you don't like seafood, there's nothing except steak. You will be very close to the line at $50 a head if you have dessert. Also, it's quite a small restaurant, so I'd definitely recommend reservations.

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        Thanks. My first choice was going to be Starfish but I thought there may be some other hidden treasures I was unaware of. Any idea what's up with Joso's ???


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          Richard Ouzounian


          I always love Rodney's and you could get out for under $50 a head but there aren't THAT many choices, although the daily specials are invariably tempting.

          Joso's is VERY expensive and often hard to get into.

          Oyster Boy is funkier, but has good Oysters, although I prefer Rodney's

          Alas, I've never done Starfish, to my shame, but friends recommend it highly.