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Good bakery in Mississauga

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Any suggestions for a good bakery in Mississauga. Have been looking for some place that has wonderful cakes and pastries.

La Sem is okay, but any other suggestions?


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  1. Nova bakery...Cawthra & Burnamthorpe (South East Corner)

    1. yup, check out Pastry Villa on Queen St. in Streetsville. I go there for great central and eastern European pastries and the famous Bosnian "burek" pies. fantastic cakes too.

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        Thank you for the recommendations! I tried out Pastry Villa since its very close to my home - loved the Strawberry shortcake. Will definitely go back.


      2. Yes!

        Try La Villa Bakery in Port Credit.

        It's a few blocks east of Highway 10 on the south side.

        The breads and pastries are great. I also love the sandwiches. And the prices are reasonable!

        Toronto Life recently gave it a rave review.

        Just ignore the staff's indifference. (Especially from the owner's wife.)

        It's my only complaint about the place.

        1. Do you have the # to Pastry Villa? I can't find them, that # is NIS : (


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            Sadly, Pastry Villa has been replaced by Starbucks. The owners of PV decided to close shop in the past year.

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              does anyone know whatever happened to the owners of PV? Did they open elsewhere?


          2. Akko Cake House Ltd at 4040 Creditview (Phone: 905-279-9281) has excellent Chinese breads and cakes. The new T&T supermarket in Mississauga at 715 Central Parkway West (Phone: 905-848-8113) also has a good bakery department with unique baked goods.

            1. The Apricot Tree in Sherwood Forest! It's a restaurant/bakery, but the pastries are wonderful!

              1. Britannia Italian Bakery is pretty good. Lots of fresh pasteries.
                The best Italian pastries next to La Sem. Typically Italian. They make all of their cakes on site. Fresh bread and pizza dough. Always busy. Hot table and great espresso.

                There is also Perugina on Renforth South of Eglinton. I go there weekly for their hot table. Great sandwiches and coffees. You should order cakes in advance to make sure they are fresh. Pasties are great with the best Sicilian canola’s I ever tasted.

                Molisana Creditview S of Eglinton. Bread, pastiers are so so, pizza is to die for.

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                  I've never had anything other than pizza at Molisana's so i cannot comment on anything but the deliciousness of the pizza and foccacia. the tomato foccacia in particular is addicting. it's all i ever get while there.

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                    Without a doubt (especially if you are Italian) Cordi Bakery at 1891 Rathburn Road East (905-629-1243).

                    My relatives and I have been using this bakery for years, for everything from baby showers to baptisms to holidays and have never been disappointed. They make this unbelievable strawberry mille-feuille cake that is always a hit.

                2. Anyone know of a french bakery anywhere in mississauga??? I would like to know where i can get a nice brioche

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                    French Corner Patisserie. 1224 Dundas St W, Mississauga! Good stuff, nice prices! Sorry this info comes 2.5 years after you requested it!

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                      I love this patisserie! It's really great, and the croissants are amazing.
                      The desserts are good too, my favourites are the chocolate and raspberry mousses.

                  2. town talk bakery in streetsville!!
                    it's actually called kate's town talk bakery now, but the quality hasn't changed since the former owners. incredible cookies, cakes, etc. such a wonderful little bakery, i've been going for years. incredible tourtiere at christmas time, too. it's at the corner of queen and main, across from the town square and diagonal from second cup.

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                      Unless things have dramatically changed, that's some of blandest, old school stuff I've ever eaten, a notch or two down from supermarket "bakeries." French Corner is nice. I find Italian bakeries around Mississauga to be predictable and mediocre. Cakes are almost always trucked in from Woodbridge.