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Mar 11, 2004 10:05 AM

Good bakery in Mississauga

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Any suggestions for a good bakery in Mississauga. Have been looking for some place that has wonderful cakes and pastries.

La Sem is okay, but any other suggestions?


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  1. Nova bakery...Cawthra & Burnamthorpe (South East Corner)

    1. yup, check out Pastry Villa on Queen St. in Streetsville. I go there for great central and eastern European pastries and the famous Bosnian "burek" pies. fantastic cakes too.

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      1. re: bluenose

        Thank you for the recommendations! I tried out Pastry Villa since its very close to my home - loved the Strawberry shortcake. Will definitely go back.


      2. Yes!

        Try La Villa Bakery in Port Credit.

        It's a few blocks east of Highway 10 on the south side.

        The breads and pastries are great. I also love the sandwiches. And the prices are reasonable!

        Toronto Life recently gave it a rave review.

        Just ignore the staff's indifference. (Especially from the owner's wife.)

        It's my only complaint about the place.

        1. Do you have the # to Pastry Villa? I can't find them, that # is NIS : (


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          1. re: sensualspirit

            Sadly, Pastry Villa has been replaced by Starbucks. The owners of PV decided to close shop in the past year.

            1. re: Anna B

              does anyone know whatever happened to the owners of PV? Did they open elsewhere?


          2. Akko Cake House Ltd at 4040 Creditview (Phone: 905-279-9281) has excellent Chinese breads and cakes. The new T&T supermarket in Mississauga at 715 Central Parkway West (Phone: 905-848-8113) also has a good bakery department with unique baked goods.