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Mar 6, 2004 01:46 PM

Kitchen Equipment

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There was a previous thread asking about stores selling kitchen tools (i.e. graters, tongs, etc.). Does anyone have any suggestions about stores where I can find good quality kitchen tools such as pans, knives etc.? Ideally, I'd like to find stores in the North end of the city. Thanks!

Does anyone have opinions about the prices/selection at Home Outfitters?

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  1. Give It A Stir is a fablous kitchen store at Yonge/St Clair. They are located just south of Bregmans on the West side between Delisle and Heath St. Frank, the owner, is very helpful and stocks everything you'd need in kichen tools, gadgets, pots, pans, knives, equipment. It's a huge store! They also have cooking classes taught by Rose Reisman and Debbie Diament. Rose teaches demo classes that are light and healthy and Debbie teaches hands-on classes like Thai, Sushi, Italian, etc. Their ph# is 416 920 7447.

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      Nella has a wide range of real pro equipment@
      148 Norfinch Drive. They are open to the public.
      If you are ever downtown there is Tap Phong @ 360 Spadina, and Fortune House just a few blocks north.


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      2. Try Caynes Super Housewares on Doncaster. North of Steeles, east of Yonge.

        1. For pots and pans and knives, pay more and buy once.

          Online (and in west end), Golda's Kitchen:

          Dinetz is downtown (King and Sherbourne) and has some good prices on stainless steel pots -- but they are expensive pots.

          Hit and miss, is the annual William Ashley's sale. But you've got to know what you want before you get there.

 has some good bargains, even with the exchange rate.

          If you're looking for woks or steamers, etc., Tap Phong is the way to go.

          1. You can try Nikolau on Queen Street W. just east of Bathurst or for lower price and quality there is a store on Spadina on the west side just north of Dundas (something Trading Co.) Huge selection and tell them you buying for a business to receive 10% off. (works for me all the time :-) )

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