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Mar 21, 1998 12:50 AM

while in washington...

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I'm flying off to Seattle for my first visit to the Pacific Northwest. Any suggestions? I like

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  1. Sandy,

    You are lucky. You are visiting one of the great American cities. My experience is that Seattle is full of good restaurants. It's hard to have a bad meal.

    It's also hard to have a great one.

    I have two fond Seattle memories: The Dahlia Lounge, a restaurant that Astaire and Rogers could have danced through. Their lemon tart is easily the best dessert I've had in Seattle.

    And Counter Intelligence, across from the Pike St. Market, is a wonderful place to eat breakfast. Settle in for a massive cafe au lait or latte and a roll or pastry, or have a hearty breakfast.


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    1. re: Dave Feldman

      Thanks for the tip! I was beginning to think that no
      one had anything to say about washington state. We
      are going to be touring the whole area, actually, so
      if you have suggestions outside of seattle too, that's
      helpful as well!


      1. re: Sandy Paik

        As Dave mentioned, Dahlia Lounge is a good choice. It
        also has 2 other siblings -- Etta's Seafood, and
        Palace Kitchen.

        Others you might want to consider :

        1. Flying Fish -- reserve ahead, always crowded

        2. Rovers -- if you feel rich and want to blow some
        money. Go for the tasting menu. Thierry Rautureau is
        IMHO the best chef in Seattle.

        3. Campagne -- was good when Tamara Murphy was there.
        Prune ice cream w/armanac was great.

        4. Virazon -- have not been there, heard good things

        5. Christina's -- out in Eastsound (in or near Orcas
        Island ?? )

        5. Drive out to Snoqualmie, go have lunch at the
        Salish Lodge. Great view . That was the waterfall in
        that weird TV series Twin Peaks.

        6. Wineries to visit -- Chateau St. Michelle; Hedges
        Cellars; DeLille Cellars. Check to see if they are
        near Seattle, and if they allow visitors.