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Mar 4, 2004 03:41 PM

Organic Buddha Cafe

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Met up with two of my friends here for dinner last night. I started with a pot of Magical Spell tea, which was very nice, and one friend ordered the mango soy banana shake. We were both quite disappointed that the Tofu Suns, which I've read favourable reviews about, weren't available but that was apparently due to the fact that the shipment that was supposed to have been delivered that day wasn't. Instead, we started off by sharing an order of the sweet potato wedges, which were good and filling, but not great. I ordered the Korean Kindness bowl: brown organic rice piled with snow peas, shiitake mushrooms, red peppers, pickled cabbage. It was a very filling dish, the bowl was piled so high, but it really badly needed a touch of salt. Friend One ordered the tempeh burger which looked very nice, and she enjoyed it. Accoutrements were pickles, tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts, some kind of pesto, and saurkraut. Very nice! Friend Two ordered the Chinese rice bowl, of which I was able to have a bit of. It was a much sweeter dish than the Korean bowl, piled high with lotus root, garbanzo beans, cabbage, schezewan peppercorns. To end the meal, friend Two and I each ordered a bowl of miso soup. Susan, the macrobiotic chef for the Organic Buddha, had heard how bad I was coughing (due to a bad cold I'm going through right now), so she threw in some sliced lotus roots into my miso soup as she said that it aids in respiration health. I was very touched by this and thought this was a great gesture. Despite the disappoint of not getting to sample the Tofu Suns, I still enjoyed my experience and will definitely be making another trip.



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  1. Amazing. Finally a small business that Canadians can truly be proud of! The food is amazing. You can tell that everyone that works there really beleives in what they are doing! A vegatarian, ethical, social, healthy and organic restaurant, wow!
    I had The Buddha's Bolanaise. Mmmmmmm fresh tomato and basil sauce with hemp noodles.
    I also had a shake....The Liquid Sunshine....The tasty shake that was so good I went back the next day for another one!
    Great job guys, you represent what Canadians want, clean environment, human rights around the World and good food that really does proves we dont need to eat unhealthy to feel very satisfied!

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      You got to like it when the manager of the operation in question goes online and pretends to be a reviewer with nothing but great things to say about the place. Hey Chad, why don't you talk about the rubbery tofu riblets, dirty cutlery, or coffee grinds in the icecubes to give every one the truth? Or the fact that they will be waiting an hour for service too?

      BTW most places that charge $50 for two people include wine in the price.